7 Days of Pretty Splendid, Fabulous, Joyful Changes


Self care and self love can put you back on the path that you deserve to health, happiness and joy!!

I’m going to focus on my fabulousness and love and accept my body!

I’m going to accept compliments not brush them off!

I’m going to have more fun!

I’m going to buy myself flowers


You just so so busy and lead an active full life…

I’ve wasted enough time and wasted too much energy in my life

 talking down to my body and putting down my body that is so not cool…

The change came when i had enough. Enough of feeling incomplete.

And that meant recognising the power, strength, and gifts my body has provided.

I have two beautiful children will always remember the special memories of my body changes that’s not yuk! Its yummy mummy Right….and my body did its job so why be so mean to it..

So not cool….

So, I created this 7 day Pretty You Challenge to bring back some love and pretty feelings in your life.

Its all about:

1. Starting to love your body, love it, & accept it

2. See yourself as a splendid and a beautiful woman.

3. Be your pretty best friend

The Pretty You Challenge is for women at every age who want to discover and create true beauty and health from a pretty life rather than that doesn’t come from a diet, meal plan or a gym membership.

Loving our bodies, minds and lives the real pretty way!

I want you to feel beauty is part of health not the part keeping us stuck in a rut of feeling not happy with ourselves.

No magic wand will fix things unless you accept and love your body. 

You are the way you are and as women we must experience the deep and true feeling that it gives us.

For me, that is The Pretty You Challenge.

The 7 Day Pretty You Challenge is to inspire women to make themselves a priority to feel pretty.

For me my beauty has changed everyday and mostly changed after having children. My idea of beauty is not just about makeup and fashion its about the inner glow how one feels inside their body and the outside reflection. I’m talking about when we wake up in the morning and we don’t feel beautiful or pretty.

We make excuses to stop doing what we really want as we have little confidence AND to experience the joy of being in a body that you love and take care of it with love and confidence. Now, this way of doing things probably goes against everything you’ve ever believed, felt or believe you have no time.

This is why I created The 7 Day Pretty You Challenge

Please know I am here to share your beautiful spotlight over the next #7daystoaPrettyYou challenge and I am excited to connect with you on instagram.


I welcome you to The Pretty You Community and in a state of not feeling pretty I had the belief my body was the problem stopping my success, when it was my mindset, and at that moment of believing of a more carefree style of life my whole life changed.

Lets put a stop to the struggles, The-I hate myself talk, feeling scared, run down, overwhelmed, feel like we are not good enough, worried and really to feeling splendid and fabulous!!!

I’m Julie (Jules) Snodgrass, and I’m on a mission to change our relationship with ourselves, creating happiness instead of hate on our bodies!

I also know the power of confidence is about taking the leap to try something new even if you feel unsure whats on the other side!

Raise your glass to all the females to feel fab!

I’ve got exactly what you need! Register below for my free challenge

It’s time to live a little more carefree and heal pretty!

Confidence is the new pretty and live life on your own terms…..

Yes, I’m so delighted you are keen to join me!!!

When you sign up to The Pretty You Challenge you will get all the details, so let’s get pretty use teh hashtag #7daystoaprettyyou..