I’m Jules Snodgrass, aka, The Happiness Hustler, creator of The Slow down Project inspired by living in the Empty Quarter of the World and Founder of  Beautitate. For the past 10 years I dedicated my career as an educator, in personal development helping others make positive choices for their own success. Becoming a mother and moving countries changed all that. Soon I realised that being busy was a part of everyday life when i felt burnt out. That was when i started to compare myself to others. Yes! i had a bad case of comparitis. One day I sat and realised that things had to change. If i did not slow down and rest my body, sleep, meditate and learn the skills to enhance my life to cure stress. My everyday routine was anything but normal it was hectic, complicated and had a husband fly in fly out. I had to experience the ups and downs. Yet I knew I had to get in touch with my bodys natural rymthm and put down my devices and connect and restore my energy. I am writing my first book which will be a guide to happiness hustling and getting what you lights you up and follows you heart and body kindness. Get in touch.